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10/30/2014 1:57:14 PM - Phillip
How to determine a leg workout that includes a secondary leg workout.i have been following your workout log for months and I really appreciate the knowledge and time you share.thanks for your time

Hi Phillip,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "How to determine a leg workout that includes a secondary leg workout"? Are you talking about how to program a primary leg workout, or a secondary leg workout?

My primary workouts typically include higher volume, last longer and include more intensity techniques such as drop sets, challenge sets, super sets, isotension, loaded stretches, sets to failure, etc.

My secondary workouts typically include stopping short of failure, no intensity techniques, pump-focused exercises, more machines that are joint friendly and generally aim to maximum blood flow to the muscle trained with little stress on the central nervous system.

If my answer didn't directly address your question, please hit me back with some clarification and I'll try again.

Thank you,
Mark Dugdale

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