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11/3/2014 9:12:59 AM - John X
BCAA and glutamine

I would like to begin using this product aid in recovery. I don't drink alot of protein shakes. I would rather have food but don't always get alot of protein in me. I have noticed my recovery isn't always fast but then again I am 45. I do recreational strength training or recreational powerlifting.

Would BCAA with glutamine be a recommend product for me to use to aid recovery? I find conflicting reviews on this. Some good some bad. Helps some and others find it a waste of time.


All supplements are just that, supplements. Personally, I'd suck it up and drink a protein shake after training. You're going to drink a BCAA/Glutamine drink. Whey protein has all that stuff in it, already. That's what I would do.

My question for you is, what's recovery for you? You should be sore after workouts. You should be tired. You shouldn't feel good if you're training hard. Are you having trouble sleeping and eating? Are you always fatigued? Not tired, but fatigued?

My guess is, you recover just fine. Recovery is such a catch phrase in the fitness industry, nowadays.

Eat well, get 7-8 hours of sleep and get in more protein. You'll be fine.

Matt Rhodes

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