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11/11/2014 7:23:50 PM - Kevin
Rehab - This is a question for anyone who has had chronic knee pain and had to alter their training because of it. I have had tendon issues in both knees for months now (quad tendon in R knee, patellar tendon in L knee), but I am currently in football season, so it has been tough to get the issues to go away completely since I can't afford any real rest. Some days/weeks my knees feel good enough to squat, and other times they feel awful. The season ends in about a month, and I guess I have two questions - first of all, for those of you that have had similar issues, how did you approach your lower body training so that you could still get stronger, but not aggravate the tendon issues? Secondly, how would you approach actually healing the tendons themselves?

Thanks very much


Thanks for writing in!

I've had knee pain for years. It's been so bad at times I could barely walk. My very first suggestion is- if you're not already taking a good fish oil supplement, start now. I use Biotest Flameout, but there's lots of great brands out there. You'll be amazed at the difference a high quality oil can make. (I also increased my coconut oil intake, which has anti-inflammatory properties).

Secondly, when I'm training for a meet with pain I always make a lot of effort to get sufficiently warmed up. That usually takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes. After I'm warm, I limit my work sets and try to keep my volume as low as possible. I also focus on a good cooldown and stretch afterwards, which can help tight quad muscles relax and avoid pulling on the kneecap. If needed you can also try icing, which is an often underrated but quite effective method for quelling knee pain due to tendon issues.

Healing takes rest, and time. It sounds like you'll be slowing down some soon, which will be a good thing. Listen to your body and take the time off that's needed.

Good luck!

Hannah Johnson

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