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1/3/2015 7:36:46 PM - matt
JL, now that you have moved into your new facility and stuff is settling down a bit can we expect to see the friday technique videos back? These were super beneficial and I looked forward to them weekly. You have a great talent of explaining things in an easy to grasp and apply to training way.

One video that help me a lot was the pelvic tilt video. I did the test and realized I had terrible ROM her. After working on it for awhile like you suggested I saw great improvement that also carried over directly to my deadlift. My issue with the deadlift has always been right below the knee. I also seem to stall on my squat about half way up at the point where I need to fire my hips through which I assume is a similar transition point in the lift. What exercises do you suggest to work on this area? I assume it is weak hip/glutes? I do some glute ham raises but maybe I need to dedicate more time to these.



I am expecting to get back to the technique videos in January. I am currently starting a search for a general manager and this will definitely help free up the time to be able to post them again.

Both your squat and deadlift issues have to do with weak hamstrings more than glutes, although they probably aren't helping. I would recommend a lot of RDL's, some stiff legged deadlifts, some GHR partials and Snatch grip rack pulls from right below the knee.

Hope this helps,
JL Holdsworth

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