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11/11/2014 6:16:39 AM - Dave
Josh, I am 33yrs old,I do not take any supplements besides vit d but would be up for suggestions. I was doing the split i emailed earlier but now that im off TRT the strongman stuff is crushing me. Which powerbuilding routine would you suggest? thanks


I would actually start with 3 day a week Jailhouse Strong Pig Iron routine, then if all goes well move onto a more volume oriented PB......that program is still way more PB than the average strength one and if you follow the guidelines you will not get ahead of yourself (particularly important in this unique situation)

I would start taking ZMA at night, take 4-5 grams of fish oil a day, Dim Plus will also be good to control the estrogen now that you are off and you can even do some Dapartic Acid---do 10-12 days on, then the same amount off--do not run it continuous

That with three day a week JHS Pig Iron should help.......don't skimp on the red meat and whole eggs either, strive for 8 hours of sleep daily.

Josh Bryant

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