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11/12/2014 11:31:09 AM - Will
I have a 16 year old Quarterback (6'0 ft tall) I train in the skills department. This past off season he trained extremely hard at a gym for athletes to become stronger and faster. They utilize a ton of sled pushing, kettlebell and strong man focused exercises. His strength was at an all time high but was not as explosive as he was previously. The program did not have any sprinting or plyometric focused drills. He also gained about 7 lbs taking his weight to 212 lbs (not ripped, but not fat) at week one of the football season.

He lost the ability to dunk the basketball which he could prior to the 6 months of intense strength training. The strength coach told him it was not a big deal.
It took him 4 weeks into the football season to lose about 5 pounds and visually could see a difference on film with his speed.

He took too long to get up to speed. Once he was moving his top end looked fine but he looked slower than previous seasons.

He is the type of athlete that is naturally gifted and has a high level of natural strength. He also was not flexible at all.

How does he avoid this next season? Is there a formula to use for ideal weight gain and size?

There's no magic formula. I moved very well at 255lbs. Once I broke 257 or so, it was like I had lead feet. For me, maximum density as an athlete was around 255.

If anyone lifts and doesn't run they will struggle with speed until their body gets used to being bigger. If he's not very explosive to begin with, he never will be. It can be improved, but there will be no "night and day" moment.

As far as stretching, well that's simple, too. Stretch. It's not a very complicated process.

If you want to get stronger, lift weights. If you want to get faster, run. If you want to get more flexible, stretch. All three of these things done at the same time will work wonders.

Matt Rhodes

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