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11/16/2014 11:27:34 AM - Bubba Gump
After my 12wks to a bigger bench with shrimp program worked out I am now looking for a 12wk program to a smaller gut program. In all seriousness though I was a strong but "thick" 265lbs, dropped down to 240lbs after a summer of doing concrete work in southern Iowa and am now back in the gym trying to get to a healthy and lean as possible 215-220lbs. I have competed in 275lb raw weight class in PL and am looking to just be healthy, not lose ALL my strength and could give a shit less if I compete again! I currently do everyother day training with conditioning for 30min after lifting. What diet should I follow to make the most out of my efforts. Low carb, back loading, ketogenic? So many ways to do it but I want to keep my strength too.

Bubba (my best good friend)

You hit the nail on the head. "So many ways"

I would like to think of instead "a diet", more to be, a nutritional plan that fits the goals of my training.

Here is what I do, but remember I train extra early in the morning, while most people are still sleeping.

1. Protein mixed with water

2. Morning bathroom rituals

3. Fresh seasonal and locally picked fruit, cause I am HUNGRY.

4. Train my ASS OFF for about an hour


A peri/intra drink. Currently I'm finishing up my "Plasma" and will switch over to WHATEVER John Meadows endorses. (He needs to get back to me on this. I think he forgot about me...but I know where he lives)

4b. With in 60 minutes of ending my training session I grab a post workout CARB (more fruit?) and protein.

5. Snack (hour or so later): I like almonds and some cheese

6. Lunch (left overs from last night's dinner)

7. More snacks...usually deli meat of some sort.

8. Dinner: Red meat when I train legs, chicken on bench day, fish on the other days.

A veggie of a sort picked from my garden.

9. Dessert about a half hour before bed. I keep it small but sweet.

Weird thing is, the less I think about it, the more strength and more muscular I become. I start to think about it or actually plan beyond this, all bets are off.

Harry Selkow

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