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11/19/2014 9:31:05 AM - caleb
Sir, i wanted to get your thoughts on a knee issue. A few months ago I was doing some front squats and after I finished my knees felt funny. I had to drive a couple hours that night to pick up my kids from camp and when I arrived and got out to walk it felt like the top of my calf was pumped up. Since then my knees felt off on the inside of my leg. Once I put on my sleeves and warmed up I was ok and I even did a comp last month. I am in the military so pt was a little uncomfortable on drill weekends. It felt like my kneecap was shifting during runs. Two weeks ago after a soccer game with my kids the pain changed. Immediatly after the game I felt great. I even stretched out really well. I sat down for dinner and when i got up it felt like someone stuck a knife in the side of my knee. I went to the ortho who said I had a benign exam but he thought it might be the meniscus. I dont have money for an MRI so I put that on hold. After three excruciating massages I feel a lot better. My range of motion has returned but it still feel like it catches every so often when I step. It has been 15 days since I have done lower body. I am just looking for thoughts and opinions on going forward. Thanks


Caleb, if you've been reading my posts I've had knee surgery 11 weeks ago. I now have pain right where you are describing your pain.
I've had this issue in this location on and off for 16 years. Soft tissue work helps it around the region and in the vastus medialis.
For me knee sleeves were a big help. Last night I started wearing them to bed which has been my biggest time/source of pain for a week now.
Get knee sleeves, stretch the hips, hip flexors, calves, and hamstrings.
Make sure you are pushing your hips back and down while you squat. Two other exercises that might help are one legged stands on an airex pad 10 secs standing, 10 secs rest, 10 - 15 sets.
Also knee lockouts. You will stand on a step and lower yourself 3 -6" sideways and front ways by unlocking the knee. Be careful, this can aggravate your condition if you have a more serious meniscus tear. Start at 3" lowering to the side first for amfew workouts. I'm doing my stuff foe rehab 3x per week for reference.
Build up to 2 sets, app 6" , side and front , 10 reps.
Good luck!

Thomas Deebel D.C.

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