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11/21/2014 4:43:41 PM - Will
Chase, what is your diet like during your 14 week off-season mass phase? If you've posted this somewhere else feel free to just link me, I wasn't able to find it going through your training logs/Q&A's.

Hey Will -

Great question. I'm actually working with EliteFTS columnist and team member, Mike Mastell on the nutrition end of things at the moment. He is giving me weekly numbers to hit for macros and overall calories. Based on my feedback each week he decides what changes need to be made.

My main foods are:
Coconut oil, heavy cream, butter, peanut butter, Ezekiel raisin bread, white rice, potatoes, pasta, oatmeal, 85/15 beef, ground sirloin, ground venison, venison loin, chicken, blue cheese, spinach, other veggies, olive oil/vinegar dressing. Plus whey, casein and simple carbs.

Each week I'll also typically have pizza, Mexican, Japanese Hibachi grill or anything else that just sounds good.

Since I've been training over 15 years I'm a little bit more advanced. That also means muscle gain is much slower now than as a beginner or intermediate. And I'm looking to maximize muscle gain and minimize fat gain at the moment. While I'm not worried if I lose my abs a bit, I don't want to blow up and look like chewed bubble gum. And with as busy as I have been this fall it's nice to put my nutrition in someone else's hands. He gives me my numbers and I choose the foods to make them fit. I've been cooking all my foods for the week on Sunday and being that guy that eats out of Tupperware.

With a baby boy in the house plus all my other day to day responsibilities I actually find pre-cooking to be the easiest way to do things at the moment.

Chase Karnes

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