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11/26/2014 2:07:07 PM - Dan Stevens
Coach, great log post today. I think I heard Buddy Morris once say something along the lines of, at the colloege level if it all came down to the strength coach and his special plan, there would be no need to recruit. Just work your magic and win. And like Woody titled his book, "you win with people." Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and everyone at elitefts.

Coach Stevens,

Thank you. It always means a lot coming from you, Coach. Those are great points from two legends. You and I would both agree that we are in no way saying that physical training and development are not important. On the contrary, they are crucial to team success. But, nothing is more important for a football player than his ability to play football.

I feel that physicality may have more of an impact in high school than possibly the college level, but that is up to debate. Some of the issues happen in the private sector where it is imperative to sell programming to earn a living.

I like to use the analogy of a painter and an art supplier.

As a strength coach, my job is to supply the tools the artists needs.

Every Fall, I get a new batch of canvases and paint (freshman). Now if I can turn that 3x5 canvas into an 8x10, the artist's ability to create a better painting is increased. No matter how good an artist, painting on a 4x6 canvas will limit your artwork. The canvas is GPP. A stronger, faster, bigger athlete means a bigger canvas.

Secondly, the more skills the athlete enhances the better player they will be. This is similar to the amount of paint I can supply the artist. Black and white paint can get me various shades of grey only. This limits the artist. What happens when they have red, yellow, and blue paint as well? The artist has all the tools they need to incorporate any color combination. They may not have orange, but if they have enough red and yellow, they can make orange.

Basically, they may not have enough experience covering the flat or running an dig route, but is they have enough coaching and reps, they can develop that skills.

If the strength coach, aka supplier, can provide the largest canvas possible along with a full allotment of paints, then they have done their jobs. At some point you need to give the Sport coach the canvas and paint and they have to paint the picture.

Not the greatest analogy, but to beat it to the ground even more: Strength coaches should not be painting anything. Not your job.

Happy Thanksgiving Coach. I wish you and your family the best. Give Kevin my best and punch Dr. Foss and LJ in the face for me. ;)

Mark Watts

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