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11/29/2014 7:59:44 PM - daniel
Hwy Jordan its me Daniel from instagram. Like I said I just need help in knowing how to break in this shirt and incorporating it into my Westside routine thanks jo


I like to break in my shirts by working with boards. I will start with a 3-board and do 3-4 sets of triples to it. The next week I will drop to a 2-board and do 3-4 sets of double and then finally on the third week I will work with a 1-board and do 3-4 singles in it. The weight will vary depending on how I feel that particular day and what weight is required to get to the board.

I also like to spray down my shirts with water to make it more pliable and easier to manipulate. I pay particular attention to the collar, chest plate, sleeves and seams.

When I'm training in a shirt I will use it every week on my heavy day and will have a raw day in between focusing more on repetition work and accessory movements.

If you want to work the shirt into your Westside training then you can do what I described with the boards each week and set a PR on each board after you've broken it in. Then after rotating through the boards you can try to beat each PR on that particular board. This is what we used to do at OBB a while back and it worked well for quite some time and made things fun for the crew since we made it a point to compete with each other and push the weights higher and higher.

Jo Jordan

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