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11/29/2014 10:09:35 AM - Jerad
Hey, I've been following looking through your log and watching some videos and was curious about your program. Could you explain what's behind the singles at certain percentages that you do, versus other programs that have you hitting reps at percentage or singles moving up (like westside)


I have had the luxury of getting help with Jim wendler when 531 was just an idea and Been able to directly pick the minds of Tate, Bryant, and many others strong smart lifters. My routine is a combination of many things. Nothing is original and I borrowed it all lol.

The singles were the result of me struggling with meet PRs but hitting rep PRs in the gym. I read a quote by josh Bryant that said multiple first reps is better the n only one first rep. He was right. It's best to do 5 singles in powerliftng them it is to do one set of 5.

Singles are meet specific and in my eyes the best way to prepare for a meet. The volume and weights need to be adjusted often to avoid stagnation and over training.

Scott Yard

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