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12/8/2014 1:31:13 PM - todd
i dont hear alot of people talking about this protein product (new whey) the 4oz stuff in a shot. it has 42gr of protein. i like them because they are easy for me to drink, but i have heard that there not worth a shit as far as usable protein, or something that was written up about them cant remember,,,so what do you think of them

I don't know much about them, but I don't see why they wouldn't be worthwhile (especially in a busy schedule).

Looking at their website, they list an amino acid profile that looks pretty good. The rate limiting amino is Tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid (you'd prefer a non-essential be rate limiting, but it's really not a big deal...tryptophan is the limiting amino in whey).

It doesn't say whether it's whey concentrate, isolate, hydrosylate, or what...but if they're getting 42g in a 4oz shot and able to keep it in solution, it's probably not pure I dont' see why it wouldn't be a good source of protein.

The negatives would be that it's probably expensive and it's not a "whole food" source of protein....but if the price doesn't bother you, the "not whole food" doesn't bother me much.

People lead busy's hard to eat solid food meals when you're busy at work, in meetings, rushing to pick up the kids, I can sympathize with people wanting a quick way to get protein in each day. I know I take two liquid meals with me to work each day (I'd prefer whole food...but with meetings and rushing around, it's nice to know I have a meal ready that I can "eat" in under 10 seconds).

Sorry if that wasn't a ton of help. I don't see anything patently wrong with the product. If for some reason it's a horrible source of protein or they add 700g of sugar or saturated fat to make it taste better, then I might change my mind, but as far as i can tell from teh's fine

Justin Harris

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