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12/16/2014 12:34:01 PM - Penn
Hey Justin,

I know you recommend some kind of carb cycling for bodybuilders and powerlifters but what would you recommend for an olympic weightlifter whose at his weight class (2-hour weigh ins) and whose 5-6 workouts a week are pretty much identical in terms of energy expenditure and training stress?

Oh, and when are you getting the band back together?

haha! We're waiting for sea otter to get out of prison and Sir Elliott Darden III to return from his trans-Atlantic crossings before we cut another album. lol

I would still recommend carb cycling for Olympic lifting..ESPECIALLY with a 2-hour weigh in.

The reasoning is that carb cycling allows you to stay lean, while still being able to train with saturated glycogen stores (maintaining strength even while leaning out).

What I would probably recommend (depending on your current weight, what weight class you planned to compete in, and a few other related factors) is 2-3 "high" carb days a week, focused around your most "important" training days.
eg, if you're working on improving your snatch (that's what she said), then you'd put the high days around that.
If the second pull is your weak point and you have a few days a week that focus on that...then those would be the high days, etc.

The rest of the training days would be "medium" carb/calorie days.

Your off days would be "low" days, and depending on where your weight was with where it needs to be, they would be anywhere from "practically another medium day" to "low carb? More like no carb" in calorie level.

Another thing I want to empahsize is that I don't just advocate for carb cycling. My diets are full "calorie" cycling diets. The protein, carbs, and fat amounts vary each's just that the carb amount varies most dramatically, which is why I tend to simply call it a "carb cycling" diet.

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