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12/5/2014 7:21:55 AM - Abraiz
Hi Josh.

I am currently doing a strength program (5/3/1). On the off days, I do bodyweight exercises. Not too many reps, just trying to work up to 1-arm pushup and pistol. The thing is I also want to lose some weight. I weigh about 85 kilos. I have a pot belly, but am not flabby anywhere else.

The question is looking at my weight (which is not much), should I concentrate my efforts on weight loss now itself while continuing with 5/3/1 or should I first gain size (muscle) which will help me with weight loss later on? For muscle gain, I want to follow Power to the People bear plan (after doing the main 5/3/1 lifts) which is essentially doing multiple sets of 5 reps with 80% of the highest weight lifted for the day. Where should I concentrate my energies on for say the next 4-6 months? I am getting the feeling that having increased muscle will help me have faster weight loss later on. Please advise. Thanx in advance.


Please repost this with height and current BW as well as your 1 RMs

Once I have this info, I am happy to advise

Josh Bryant

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