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12/4/2014 3:24:01 PM - Chris
Hey Julia, I saw you mention that you were always trying to get your quads to grow. I have the same issue as it seems my adductor and glutes grow a lot faster because of my wider stance on squats.

When you are training for powerlifting how do you get your quads to grow while still progressing on squats?

And when you switch to Johns programs do you bring your stance in?

Hey Chris,

Very true... Wide stance, powerlifting style squats definitely leave the quads a little lacking.

When I'm powerlifting training and preparing for a meet, I do some single leg work (lunges, close stance front squats, split squats, banded leg extensions, etc.) So my focus is still on building my powerlifting squat, but I do take the mass thing into consideration.

When I move to bodybuilding prep, I do do more of a closer stance squat, yes, and lots of more front squats, Anderson squats, heels elevated squats, etc.

Hope that helps!

Julia Ladewski

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