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12/5/2014 12:08:32 PM - -D-
Hey Josh,

I had a complete left distal bicep tear and repair about 1.5 years ago with noticeable loss in stability (same as JL Holdsworth). I have full range of motion and both forearms rotate at the same degree. My repaired bicep is about a full rep down for sets greater than 6 and the movement is not quite as crisp and fluid as the right arm. Single joint tricep movements are comparable between arms. The stability issue is obvious when pressing dumbbells, my left arm wants to "fall out" of the groove laterally. I have tried static holds at lockout (bench barbell) with up to 120% of my 1rm without much carry over. I watched your video on isometrics and it hit me...I hadn't considered isometrics as you described. YWhat would your opinions of exercises and progrramming to help get my bench back up to speed?




Not sure how much stability it will build but from a strength standpoint you will produce supramaximal force compared to a concentric----so you will get stronger. I don't see it causing additional problems and more than likely helping you.

For the weaker arm I suggest dumbbell and/or machine single arm curls--work the weak side to failure, match reps on strong side (strength comes up cause of the lop sided intensity but disproportionate hypertrophy won't happen cause of the balanced volume)

Josh Bryant

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