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12/4/2014 1:45:50 PM - Ian Swift
Hey Coach Selkow, i remember your seminar "Train Like A Linebacker, Eat Like A Bodybuilder". i think its been a while when i asked you about position specific drills as far as being a linebacker. Well....i come to you once more but this time with a bigger motive.

I finished my senior season as a collegiate linebacker at the D2 level, didn't get much play time because well..too much to get into but i always worked my ass off every single day. Now that its over, i feel like I've changed. But a spark as been lit when one of my old teammates from back home told me about the D2/D3 national pro day. I know this is gonna be lengthy but i could use all the professional advice/help i can grab. now you know where this is going. I have a decent lifting program already so I'm not worried about the 225 test.

My questions to you is, is there any specific exercises in the weight room/rep ranges for explosiveness for the vertical and broad jump? IE Power Cleans.

what kind of training split would be optimal?

Also as far as quickness and speed drills what would you have one of your guys do to train for this combine/pro day?

Again i really appreciate the help and I'm hoping i won't let this opportunity go to waste.


I am STOKED for you bud. NEVER let the dream die.

Your question is a bit beyond the scope of a Q and A. But let me touch upon a few things if I may.

Decent lifting program? What exactly are you doing to get stronger?

Rep range for explosive exercise can be anywhere between 1 rep and 5 at the very most.

Strength FIRST, speed to follow.

Training split is another tough one. At this level you really need to be really intuitive or very precise. You squat/dead/power clean one day, the next session doesn't take place until your bio energenic systems are all idling in neutral after it as acclimated to the new stress.

You need to train with a QUALIFIED coach that can go beyond programming and implementation of that program. You need one that can keep your head in the game and knows when you need to be either kicked in the ass, or out of the gym.

The type of drills would also vary. From the ones you've done to the hand/feet quickness and reaction drills. 20 yard sprints as prep for the 40's. Covering three lateral steps and either attacking or dropping into coverage.

Again, WAY TOO much for this forum.

Why don't you go ahead and get started and keep me up to date on your progress.

I can give you some feedback as to what to continue to do, or what to change. (until you move out to California and train with me in person...hint...hint...hahahahaha)

Regardless, I LOVE to see someone passionately pursue a dream, a goal a whatever. If you really want it, as bad as you want to breath, then DO IT!

Harry Selkow

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