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1/2/2015 10:16:17 AM - Ian S.
Hey coach, im a division 2 linebacker that just finished up his last season and was gonna start training for the national D2/D3 combine/pro day. What are some good change of directions drills that will help and transition over to the 3 cone shuttle and the 20 yd shuttle? Other than just doing those specifically.


First of all, best of luck to you and I hope you do well, my man.

Ok, so the combine COD tests definitely have a technical component to them and unlike the 40, have a little higher improvement potential. What I mean is this. There is more technical improvements can can be made when changing direction and tests like the 5-10-5 and the 3 cone drill can elicit much more improvement from my experience.

One of the reasons you can make more improvements to the COD drills as opposed to the 40 is that the 5-10-5 and 3 cone are as much about strength (the ability to decelerate) and mobility (the ability to achieve the best biomechanical position to produce the most force) as speed. That being said, there are more physical attributes to improve and those compound for a faster time.

Not sure what test is more relevant for performance on the field, but I do like the combination of both. The 3 cone combines 2 power cuts with 2 speed cuts and an angles sprint. But, for me the 2nd cut on a pro agility can tell you a lot about a young man's potential. COD after a 10 yd sprint is much different than 5.

So there are some things to help improve these drills besides actually doing them.

General Considerations
1. Film a few reps at every session. We uses Hudl when I was at Denison so we could share with our players. Coaches Eye, Ubersense, and Dartfish are all good and you can usually get them for 5 bucks.

2. Do your speed training with the same shoes on the same surface as you will be testing on. I assume it is turf so train on turf.

3. Autoregulate by having someone you trust time your reps. Anytime you have 2 consecutive reps where your times get slower, you need to check your volume, rest intervals, frequency, or all three.

Technical Aspects
Pro Agility

1. Make sure you are crowding the line with your weight shifting toward the line you are sprinting to.

2. Crossover step and drive your knee toward the line and rip your near elbow back.

3. Attack the line like you were running a 40. Run like my grampap used to drive his car: slam on the gas, slam on the brakes.

4. Run with your shoulders square. Don't run sideways. This is especially important for the 5yard portions.

5. When changing at the line, get your shoulders perpendicular so you can slow your self down with your inside foot and push off with your outside foot, effectively using the crossover step.

6. Try to get the the first line in 3 steps with the jump stop to change directions. DON'T shuffle your feet in the turns. Full strides.

Technical Aspects
3 Cone Drill

1. Same as 5-10-5 for the power cuts.

2. For the first turn, lower your hips, speed your feet, and get your eye to the next cone first.

3. Same technique for the second cone. But, after attacking the 2nd cone, the last "L" should be a wider turn like you are rounding the bases.

Extra Drills
1. Lateral Starts
Lateral Starts

2. Skater Jumps, SL Broad Jumps

3. Squat, Deadlift

4. Foam Roll, Mobility Drills

Sorry the last 3 are vague, but my thought is continue to train how you have been training. Think of it this way:

The stronger you are, the greater load you can decelerate.

The more force you can apply to ground, the farther every step will take you.

Get stronger
Perform the drills at full speed.

You have a final exam in which you already have the answers to. Keep taking the test until exam day.

I hope this helps, Ian and let me knwo if there is anything else I can do for you.

Slam on the gas, slam on the my Grampap,
Mark Watts

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