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12/8/2014 12:41:30 PM - Ian S.
Thanks coach! Really appreciate it. And unfortunately I have no such coaches here at the school im at since we are kind of a brand new program, only 3 years old(first year ever was club year, 2 years full varsity d2). Funny thing is I'm actually from California, southern actually in a lil place called Palmdale/Lancaster area. And I know CSA where you coach is up north near Sacramento I do believe? Now I know some people might think this is false bravado but what really made a huge impact on me to really go after this was that my teammate was surprised I didn't play much and get anything from my coaches as far as information on these combines. In fact he said he was surprised because he thinks I'm one of the hardest working guys he's known. This made me think and almost a gut check. Did I really wanna go out and be completely done with football without even trying to go to a combine to out my name out there despite the minor set backs? Na, that's not me. It's not what I've put in the blood, the sweat, the pain, everything for 15 years for. My new go to quote to keep me going is the EliteFTS "Driven" quote. "Driven to excel in the face of opposition". That's always been my style of play, even if I didn't get on the coaches good side or end up the coaches favorite, I still did whatever I could to show that I wasn't going anywhere without a fight. It just made me remember your seminar that I watched and just ignored that fire deep down inside again. There are no bad opportunities but the ones you never take.


Everyone wants to go to a fire. Either to see it put out, or for it to go in a BLAZE of Glory.

Go ahead amigo. Put EVERYTHING you have into pursuit of your dream.

No one is going to hand it to you. As a matter of fact, you're going to be told you're crazy, never happen, and all kinds of stuff. BY THE PEOPLE THAT WILL MAKE EXCUSES.

Better to know for sure, in your own heart.

Go get 'em.

If not you, then who?,
Harry Selkow

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