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12/5/2014 12:16:03 PM - Abraiz
Hi Josh. This in response to the previous question:

My current bodyweight is 82 kilos. My height is 5 feet and 7 inches. Although I said I do 5/3/1. What I really do is a 5/3/1 based program. The lifts I use are front squat, overhead press on Tuesday and deadlift on Friday. I am starting to strength train after a long hiatus, so my maxes are pitifully low. My 1RMs are as follows:

Front Squat: 72 kg
Military Press: 47 kg
Deadlift: 90 kg

The reason I do front squats is that no gym in India has a squat rack. The best one can get is saw horses (which my gym has). Maybe because no one squats in India (in the gyms). Even the exercise equipment manufacturers don't sell squat racks. (Maybe something for Elitefts to think about - opening up an India division) I don't bench because somehow I don't like benching at all. I do dumbbell bench presses as a (partial) replacement.

Waiting for your advice. Thanks in advance for it.


I would suggest bulking (keep fat gain to a minimum) and gaining strength

Remember my friend--STRENGTH IS YOUR BASE!!! All else is folly

Josh Bryant

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