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12/5/2014 12:14:30 PM - Ronnie

I read your article regarding Endomorphs and enjoyed it!

I myself am an Endomorph and pretty much all you said i pretty much follow, via trial and error I worked out I need to be on very low carbs i actually follow a modified anabolic diet with a 24 hour carb load which is about 500-600 grams of carbs then the rest of the week I eat 20-35 grams of carbs with High fat and Protein

I lift 5 days per week but must admit I dont do any cardio on machines I just dont have the steam left after weights

I was wondering what you think about things like Raw Milk, Organic Cream from healthy grass fed cows?

I actually am pretty gung ho on both grass fed cream and raw milk, have you tried these yourself yet?

With no steam one option would be committing to 5 minutes of high intensity intervals on bike or if not too heavy some jump rope--make ya more healthy and could help ignite the fat loss spark.

*** thanks for the reply, yes I have tried lots
Of grass fed Raw milk and Cream, it's available to me every day and I can also get pretty much any grass fed animal too.

Just wondered when you did the anabolic diet did you do a 3 day carb load? Or less?

Also I will try 5-15 mins of HIIT I was just being lazy I guess, might do me good in the long run!!!!


Ps: During the Christmas period do you have some beers or are you into another beverage? Not sure what is a common alcoholic beverage for you texans


I had good luck with up to a two day carb load--do the HIIT!

Josh Bryant

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