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12/10/2014 1:43:34 PM - Ethan Tomas

I am 14 but 15 in 4 months time my goal is to be as strong as I can,my body weight I have never really cared much I just ate when I was hungry which is pretty much every 2-4 hours and sometimes have snacks but try to stay off the common bad foods.

I inherited some awesome gym equipment from my uncle as he no longer lifts but didn't want to sell it so I take care of it for him, maintain and use them.I have Olympic plates to IPF standards and barbells too, over $2000 of plates.

I have been using weights since I was 12 so almost 3 years in this time I have gained 8lbs of muscle but my lifts have improved a lot especially technique

Deadlift 198kg
Bench press 167kg
Squat 205kg

This is my current lifts my body weight is 165lbs and I am 5ft 11ins but still growing I think, my father is 6ft 7ins and nobody who is male is under 6ft 1 in my family so I am going to be fairly tall I should think.

Just wondered what you think of my plan and if I can make any changes?

Barbell bench press 6x5@80%
Deadlift 3x3@60%
Squat 3x3@60%

Barbell squat 5x5@70%
Deadlift 5x2@60%
Bench press 10x2@60%

Deadlift 10x2@80-90%
Bench 3x6@60%
Squat 10x2@70%

Bench press 5x1@80-90%
Squat 10x5 @ 50%
Deadlift 10x3 @50%

Deadlift 15x5@40%
Squats 2x10@40%
Bench 5x3@50%

Thanks it!

Hey Ethan,

Before e pick apart your plan couple ???
-Do you do this every week?
-do you play any sports outside of PL


BTW, your strength level is excellent!! I am impressed

Josh Bryant

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