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12/8/2014 1:07:55 PM - SuperS

thank you very much for that GREAT advice on how to handle the guy's criticism.

Usually i don't have anything against (constructive) criticism at all! It's a good way to improve, right?

The thing is just though, that his statements were actually pretty "aggressive" and the way he described my form was not like "hey, i could give you a pointer right there", it was like "man your squat is absolutely terrible, you'll be crippled in 3 years, if you keep doing that". THAT is what really annoys me...

I will try to do what you said: Being friendly, thanking him for the advice and then avoiding any eye contact/conversation.

One more thing to ask, if you don't mind: Any tips on how to stay focused after such a intervention? Last time he did that it really threw me off track, because i was just annoyed and expected him to make some stupid comments on my Training again.

Thank you very much Mr. Selkow, i appreciate it a lot!


Without sounding like that old man...I don't allow people to ef up my training.

You will mess up a lift (or anything in life) for THREE reasons only.

1. Physical- You just aren't strong enough to accomplish the objective. Don't panic. That's why you are there. To improve the physicality.

2. Technical- You don't know HOW to perform the function or the objective. That's why you have a coach, or you ask questions HERE!

3. Mental- Your head doesn't work. You let crap bug you. You become unglued when things go a stray.

THAT is the thing that messes with you right now. For ME...I don't sweat the small stuff.

I had a full Bird Colonel one time tell me when my game was thrown off..."Harry, if it doesn't kill ya and eat ya, you'll be ok". I asked him back..."I could be killed and that would be ok?" He said "Yep! But if it eats ya, you're ef'd".

So long as you don't get killed and eat'n, you'll be ok. Keep that in mind for your future reference. : )

I just don't let stuff bug me and wig me out.

I love to surf and want to buy a Pirate boat.

Harry Selkow

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