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12/9/2014 9:00:29 PM - Daniel
Hello everyone

I just bought myself a ginnys 2ply canvas suit got it for a killer deal. I've never used a canvas suit let alone a multiply suit . My first question is..
1. Does canvas and poly act the same for example sitting back hard? What are the major differences besides the material?

2. I usually see lifters use a pair of briefs under their canvas is this always the case or personal preference? I have a pair of briefs single ply reason I ask

3. How much can you get out of these suits roughly? I can squat 600lb with my briefs only if that helps....... Thanks guys again


If you're comparing a canvas suit to a beefed-up Multiply Poly, like the Metal Ace Pro Squatter, then the performance and technique will be very close. A single ply poly however will generally let you squat a bit closer to your raw groove, because the support will not be as extreme.

Most canvas squatters will use a brief of some type because canvas on it's own gives you very little rebound. Back in my canvas days, before I was sponsored by elitefts, my go-to was the Metal Ace Pro Briefs. Your single ply briefs will work for now, but as you learn the canvas, you'll probably want to graduate to something a bit more supportive, like the Ace or Jack briefs.

No telling how much support you'll get out of your suit until you start working in it. I would say that most lifters who are good in their gear will get 200-300 lbs over their raw squat, but this is by no means automatic. A big carryover is the result of many, many hours of hard work and frustration. The result is worth it though.

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Dave Kirschen

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