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12/10/2014 4:06:41 PM - Jo
Ok Sir, this is Jo. I don't know if you wanted from the start to now, I'm starting week four this week:
I set max on bench at 225
squat at 400
dead at 400
Sets x rep x weight
Week 1: DE bench 8x3x135
4 board bench 3x3x135 and 10% up the next 2 sets

ME squat/ dead: close stance low box squat 5rpm 320

ME 2 board bench 5rpm: 225

DE parallel box squat and dead: squat 10x2x225
dead: 10x1x225
Week 2: DE bench: 8x3x135,1x2x157
4 board 3x3x225 last set hit 6 reps
Close stance low box squat: 5rpm 325
ME bench 2 board 5rpm 230
DE squats parallel box: 10x2x260
Deads: 10x1x260
Week 3: DE bench: 8x3x135, 1x2x155, 1x1x175
4 board 3x3x225x230x235
ME close stance low box squat 5rpm: 330
ME bench 5rpm: 235
DE squat parallel box: 8x2x260, 1x1x300, 1x1x340
Dead: 8x1x260, 1x1x300, 1x1x340

That gets you up to present week. There is assistance and sup movements that i do after the mains. Didn't know if you want those or not.
Thanks again, Jo
Oh how many will be in your crew when you get the ship. ARRRRR


Thanks for the update.

Didn't need the supplemental stuff. I just wanted to know how the training is progressing. Seems ok for now.

Stay full throttle. Pirate ship has two members aboard. Many are applying, but I'm not sure if the "Raider" will come to flourish-en. It is indeed For Sale, but that $80,000 price tag keeps us in dry dock for a while. Perhaps we should go hi jack that beauty in typical Pirate manner.

THEN we be taking to the high seas. Pillaging and Pirating and barnacles and stuff. Arrrrr fer sher.

Harry Selkow

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