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12/22/2014 8:31:28 AM - Cordell
Sure this has been asked but couldn't find it - I lift in the morning, done by 7:00. Goals are to get stronger, look reasonable naked (not bodybuilding stage) and get back to strongman/powerlifting in a few months following bicep re-attach. Is it reasonable to do a 24 hour carb cycling based on say Monday at noon until Tuesday at noon? Allow for carbs to be stored night before and have post workout carbs? I usually have protein, BCAAs and caffeine pre-workout.
Thank-you for your time!

The way I would set up your diet is to have a big periworkout mix to drink around your workout (start sipping when you wake up/on the way to the gym, sip during the workout, finish on the way home).

Then I would adjust the amount of carbs/calories eaten the rest of the day depending on what kind of "carb" day it was.

So, a typical day would have the periworkout drink as "meal 1" followed by 5 "regular" meals later in the day (with differing carb/calorie amounts depending on if it were a low/medium/high carb day)

The nice thing about training in the morning is that you're in EPOC for the rest of the day, which can be helpful in staying lean.

The other nice thing is that you can still have plenty of carbs around your workout and be able to go to bed in a relatively 'carb depleted' state as far as blood sugar levels are concerned...which can also be helpful in staying lean.

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Justin Harris

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