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12/13/2014 2:22:17 PM - Jason
Hi folks!

Question about Deloading.

I take a Deload every 5th week, which seems to work fine for me. Going hard for 4 weeks, easier the 5th week.

I've experimented around a bit for what works best for me during that Deload Week. Going super light (max at 50-60%) and decreasing Volume, going a bit heavier (up to 70%) at medium Volume or going even slightly higher, but staying at very low Volume (single at 80%).

But whatever road i take, i always seem to come in tired the first week after the Deload. Everything feels heavy in the Deload week already, technique is a little off and that carries over into the first week.

This is why i actually tried out to go a little heavier (80%) and see if i stay "sharper".

Any tips or thoughts on why that could be? Could it be that a whole week is either too long for me (meaning i decondition fast) or too short (i don't recover)? Latter one i am not sure about, as my Training usually goes pretty well, after a few Sessions of getting "back on track".

Thanks a lot for your help and best regards,


Ah, the dreaded deload. I have the same issue sometimes. I have experimented with light deloads and hard assistance. I have also experimented with heavier deloads with just some light assistance.

I really think you would benefit from the latter. Get up near the 90% for a single. Watch the volume with warm ups. You don't want to really work your cns more so than just prime it. For assistance just do some flushing work to get some blood pumping. Go high volume light resistance for that. Band exercises alone are good for assistance for this type of deload.

Let me know how it goes.

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Vincent Dizenzo

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