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1/15/2015 10:03:01 AM - Zac Jackson
I am currently doing BBB. I hear that if you want to help increase your lifts, increasing your frequency can help. I am sticking very close to the workout you've shown in the first 5/3/1 except I do squats on Tuesday and deadlift on Friday. I wanted to know if doing squats again on Saturday and chest again on Sunday would help and not hurt my goal.


Would it interest you to know that I've heard that eating shark cartilage prevents cancer? There is a lot of stuff being passed around that needs to be seen in the correct context.

The following answer to your question should yield an answer bigger than the original question and probably answer about 100 more questions in regards to training, recovery, programming and goal setting.

"These would not be helpful because it is not the Boring But Big program."

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