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12/13/2014 2:04:28 PM - Steph
I would like to loss weight. Who would you recommend for fat loss plans?

Ha, I just reread your question, I thought you were asking how, not who. I'm so simple sometimes. Anyway, I am not erasing my wonderful musings. When you get to the end, you'll see a recommendation. Best of luck to you.

Steph, that's awesome. Wanting to change is a great start. I have been working hard towards my fat loss goal for years now. I have also helped my wife a great deal.

First, I find it's best if it doesn't happed too fast. I just looked back at my weight this exact date last year. I was 27 lbs lighter. Sounds, great, but most people want to lose it immediately. I once lost 30 lbs in 12 weeks, guess what, I gained it all back.

Second, this will not come easily. You need to want to do work on a couple of levels. First, you need resistance training. My wife can't believe the change in her body since switching from a more of a cardio type training to squatting, deadlifting, and benching. Having more muscle increases your metabolic rate. I suggest committing to a certain number of resistance training days and a certain number of conditioning days. My wife started with two of each. She was able to stick to that versus everyone's idea of training 7 days a week (that hardly lasts).

Lastly, when it comes to diet, you need to track calories. Losing fat is a numbers game. Eat less calories then you need to maintain and you will lose weight. Start by searching "BMR" calculator. That will tell you just about your threshold of calories. From there, deduct in the neighborhood of 500 calories a day to lose around a lb a week. Two important things to shoot for is getting around 1 gram of protein per lb. Plus, get in the daily recommended amount of fiber for a woman.

Of course, this is very layman. I have learned a lot during my journey. That learning process has been invaluable. Of course, you could hire someone awesome like Shelby Starnes to help you out. I did and I learned from the experience.

Hope this helped and feel free to hit me up with questions. I was really able to help my wife, so I kind of understand the female perspective in this as well as my own.

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It's a journey,
Vincent Dizenzo

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