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12/16/2014 10:01:48 AM - Cody wells
I'm looking to warm-up better. Is that what the shoulder distractions are for and what are they
Thanks Cody


I'll be completely honest...This was something I got from Donnie Thompson a year or so ago and have been doing it ever since. I don't know if he has this protocol on his youtube channel, but I'll give you the quick run down:

Take an average band or you can start with a light band.

Tie it off on a rack at shoulder height.

Face away from the rack with the band around your front delt and under your armpit.

Lean away putting tension on the band, as much as you can handle.

I usually do some swim moves, forward and backward, then crossing my elbow over the body, then doing a rowing motion in front of me, keeping the shoulder in its natural plane.

Then turn around and place the band over you rear delt and under your arm pit.

Put the back of your hand on your lower back and do the chicken wing. Rotating your elbow backwards.

Finally, take a KB or DB in one hand, relatively heavy, lay on the ground on your back, and let the weight push your shoulder back into it's socket.

Hope this helps. It's not a great illustration but if you can find the youtube video this will make sense to you.

Casey Williams

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