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12/17/2014 9:11:53 AM - Den
Hey All...I've been dealing with pain and tightness in my shoulders now for about two months. It directly effects my bench press with anything less than a three board because when I go for the hit to press there is absolutely no strength coming from my shoulders. It just feels like my shoulders are shut off during the upward press movement. I was doing 225 for 6 to 8 raw on any given day and just last night I couldn't even get 2 reps for 225. I have worked rotator cuff, isolation shoulder movements, even stopped flat benching for a month with no improvements. What am I missing? What the heck did I do to my shoulders that I can't seem to fix? Thanks.

You've missed talking to a doctor. Seriously, many have this idea that everything can be rehabbed without medical intervention.
I have an advanced background with my chiropractic education and training in soft tissue and I can't handle everything on my own.
Shoulder issues can be serious. I would see a pro and get x rays at a minimum. Also, check into soft tissue work. It's impossible to diagnose any soft tissue problems over the net, but I guarantee they are a part of the problem.
If that doesn't fix it you might need an mri.
Good luck.

Thomas Deebel D.C.

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