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1/1/2015 10:38:06 AM - Tyler M
Hi Chase, i follow your training log and I get Alot of motivation from you. I had hernia repair surgery this past summer and I'm just now feeling confident enough in squats and deadlift to really start pushing again. I've been doing two bench days (heavy day/speed volume day) the last couple months and my progress is the best it's ever been and my confidence is sky high. Squats I've gone back to 5x5 once aweek with some lighter sets after dl day, and only been pulling heavy once a week mostly lower % volume work.

My questions are what would you recommend for squat/dl training while keeping my bench routine the same since progress is so good? I've dabbled with higher frequency squats and I like the confidence it builds with the lift and technique, but Idk how to program %'s to each day and progress. Same with pulls, it's like ever since the surgery, I'm spinning my wheels.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man.

Hey Tyler- -

Thanks for following my log. I really appreciate it.

First and foremost, listen to your Doctor and Physical Therapist (if you have one). I have had hernia surgery myself, but I was 4 years old. So my experience coming back to training from a hernia surgery is literally zero.

I will say take things slow for a while. Even when you're feeling "good". In your situation I'd recommend the minimal effective dose for squats and deads. This isn't a time to be trying high frequency squat training.

While I don't know your training history or current strength levels, I'd more than likely do the following if I was in your situation. I'd keep doing what you're doing for bench since it's progressing well.

I'd train to get my abs/core stable and strong with core stability movements (planks, palloff press, suitcase carries, etc.)

For lower body I'd suggest hitting it once a week and rotating weeks A. and B.

Week A.
A. Squat - Strength
B. Deadlift - Volume
Supplemental/Accessory work

Week B.
A. Deadlift - Strength
B. Squat - Volume
Supplemental/Accessory work

I'd progress slow and listen to my body. This is key. If it hurts, stop immediately. Days you feel good push it harder. Days you don't, ease up a bit.

In the big picture of things it's more important that you come back from this injury slow and steady rather than pushing too hard and getting re-injured. Then having to start all over.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to work with.

Chase Karnes

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