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12/23/2014 1:22:29 PM - tom
hi josh, I am non competitive body builder with plans to compete sometime in the near future. You helped me with my lats and they have grown a lot since last time we talked. The two things I am still struggling with is abs and also shoulders/traps. I am hitting abs 4 times per week with two upper days and two lower days. Also hitting obliques 3 times per week. I just cant seem to get them to grow and pop. ALso my shoulders are lacking big time. I am focusing on raises much more then presses could this be the issue? also I am shrugging 3 times per week but traps stll aren't growing. Any advice will help big time! thanks for your time/knowledge

Josh my answers to your questions. I am lean last summer I was 7 percent body fat I am 9 right now. My abs lag behind because I cant get them to pop. They are there its almost like I need them to grow.
My training split-Monday/Thursday chest and tri. Thursday a high rep day Tuesday/Friday is Back and bi with Friday a high rep day. Wednesday- shoulders legs Saturday- shoulders The first day for each body part is a heavy day


For abs, I would train 2 days a week of heavier weighted stiff and two days a week of lighter higher rep stuff.

For Traps I would train heavy deadlifts once a week--followed by heavy barbell shrugs explosively, followed by seated dumbbell shrugs--higher reps and hold them at the top.......

The other day I would do farmers walks, followed by heavy trap bar shrugs, then some overhead shrugs.

I would do 3 rd day of light stuff like T3 raises........

See how that goes

Merry Christmas!

Josh Bryant

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