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1/7/2015 9:58:15 AM - Brandon Cheok
Hi Jim.

I have a question regarding on the bench.How can I increase the mobility of my shoulders so that the bar can touch my chest?

I was training my bench and I tried my best to lower the bar as low as possible but the bar just cant touch my chest.I tried this with light weight as well but the bar still stuck about 1 inch from the chest.

Hope to hear from you soon.


If you only the irony of the statement. That's like asking Tracy Anderson (or any popular fitness personality) how to avoid an eating disorder. I've never seen so many diseased people being heralded as experts.

Remember the shoulder needs stability and mobility.

I'd check out Joe Defranco's stuff - I seem to remember him having an upper body version of Agile 8. Joe does a good job of not talking like a shmuck and doesn't jerk himself off to his newsletters.

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