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12/22/2014 8:36:01 AM - Chris
Hey Justin,

I'm referencing someone's previous question with regards to being fat and being prone to being fat.

I am in a place where I am transitioning into more powerlifting style training with the goal of putting on muscle in the long run. I've noticed that I'm accumulating muscle this way because of the heavier weights but also putting on fat in the process because of eating so much. (Mostly clean).

Do you think it's still possible to put on muscle as bodyfat goes up?

I ask only because I have much more leverage here, and though my weight is only going up about 1.5 lb per month, my lifts are increasing tremendously. Thanks!

It's definitely possible to put on muscle as body fat goes up (probably even easier...if you're eating enough extra calories to get fat than it's likely some of those excess calories are going to be used for protein synthesis).

The only problem is, if you ever plan to lose that're going to have to deal with the risk of muscle loss if the diet isn't done properly.

I'm never a fan of getting fat in order to get stronger and put on muscle (I've fallen victim to that like most people though).

It's a tough meal to pass up when you're getting stronger and gaining weight each week, but fat isn't muscle...and eventually you reach a point of being over fat when it becomes very obvious that is the case.

Now...if you don't care about being fat and just want to be strong, there is some "leverage" benefit to being fat as far as strength is concerned. The benefit is minimal...and again, if you ever plan to lose that fat you're going to have to deal with the risk of muscle loss, but added size/cushioning around joints can play a beneficial role in strength.

Justin Harris

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