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1/5/2015 12:17:13 PM - Chris
Hey Justin,

I'm referencing someone's previous question with regards to being fat and being prone to being fat.

I am in a place where I am transitioning into more powerlifting style training with the goal of putting on muscle in the long run. I've noticed that I'm accumulating muscle this way because of the heavier weights but also putting on fat in the process because of eating so much. (Mostly clean).

Do you think it's still possible to put on muscle as bodyfat goes up?

I ask only because I have much more leverage here, and though my weight is only going up about 1.5 lb per month, my lifts are increasing tremendously. Thanks!

Oh yeah, it's still possible to put on muscle as body fat goes up.
It's just that certain "anabolic" hormones in the body become less potent as your body fat rises (potentially).

If higher body fat results in lower testosterone production, higher estrogen levels, and decreased insulin sensitivity, then you're definitely in a situation where you're less effective at adding new muscle than you were with higher testosterone levels and increased insulin sensitivity.

This is primarily for natural athletes though. If you're supplementing with anabolic agents, then things change a bit.

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