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12/19/2014 4:38:50 PM - Mitch
Would like to get someones thoughts about bar path in the bench. I've been at it for long time, 30 years, and started out pressing back towards my head, in single ply. Now, last five years, I am lifting raw and pressing more vertical.

My last meet got me to thinking, which is usually not good and my wife can verify, I stalled about 3/4 of the way on my second attempt; took same weight for my third but changed my bar path to back towards my head and got three whites. Seems to me that most everyone would benefit from pressing towards the head because it would seem to engage the shoulders more and they should be stronger then the tri's. Literature seems to be mixed. I am back to training and pressing back toward my head instead of vertical. Would appreciate any thoughts/comments.

Thank-you in-advance and hope everyone at Elitfts has a Merry Christmas and New Years.



I always advice a low touch, and a pressing in a arch back over the face. I have benched 840 this way in gear and 525 raw in a full meet. Some can bench in a straight line but they must have crazy tricep strength.

Do what works for you and gets you prs. Thats all that matters.

Scott Yard

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