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12/22/2014 10:33:20 AM - Nick
Hi Jo,

I was wondering if would not mind sharing how long your rehab was and your elbow rehab program. My son is a high level high school wrestler and is scheduled to have a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow surgically repaired. Although I do not know the nature of your elbow surgery I have followed your progress after surgery and it has been very impressive. Obviously we will follow the doctors recommendations but we are also trying to get an idea from others including Tom Deebel.

Best of luck with your lifting.

I'm sorry to hear about your sons injury. I hope everything goes according to plan and he's back to wrestling soon.

After my elbow surgery the first thing that we focused on was getting as much ROM back as possible. I had lost a lot due to the bone spurs being present so we worked on stretching things out again and trying to get back to 180. I went to therapy three days a week where they did a little massage therapy and then applied heat along with resting my arm across a wedge and then strapping weight to my wrist to straighten the arm out as much as possible that day. After the stretching with weight they would assist by pulling down, rotating and such to get more movement out of the joint and to break up any adhesion's that had formed. This went on for about 4 weeks and then we moved into the "strengthening phase". This consisted of me doing curls and overhead extensions with a 3 pound DB which then lead to me firing my PT and moving on to another one (Envision PT) which worked out much better. At envision they were more aggressive with massage therapy and stretching which got me back to about 165-170 ROM which was far more than what I'd had before surgery. They also did more band strengthening exercises for the tricep and bicep based on what I was able to handle and never handed me a 3# DB. After about 6 weeks I started back training at the gym with light weights and higher reps and then added tension or weight each week depending on if I were doing band extensions, cables, DB or blast straps. I can't remember when I was given clearance to resume normal training, but pretty sure it was at the 10-12 week mark.

There was also a lot of icing and TENS unit usage right after surgery and all through rehab. I still have days where my elbow with pop a lot and become very sore after repetition day so I have to do those in moderation as well as take naproxen on a daily basis and still resort to ice on the really bad days, but it's nothing like it was before and I don't regret having the surgery.

My advice it to find a therapy facility that caters to athletes or has a good history of working with them and also see if someone on their staff has a CSCS by chance. People with that certification have a little batter understanding of athletes and their competitive nature over other therapists that focus on getting you back to everyday life as opposed to getting you back to competition.

Thank you for keeping up with my log and please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

Keep Moving Forward,
Jo Jordan

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