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12/23/2014 2:43:43 PM - Derek
I guess when I hear NorCal I jump in my mind all the way up to Eureka (which probably still has way nicer weather than Seattle). I'm taking a trip out to Cali in 6 months with some friends to look at potential living spots; do you think you could suggest some places to look? San Diego is appealing because of the surfing, a few specific MMA trainers I could work with, and everything to do, but would probably be even more than somewhere like Sacramento. SoCal appeals to me a little more because I assume it is a little warmer. I know you aren't a real estate agent and all, but it would be nice to get some input from someone who lives there, and knows more than the six biggest cities. I'd like to move within the year, but won't be done with my degree by then so my choice of jobs will be a bit limited initially. If it doesn't work out cost-wise I can always move back to Michigan. I like it here besides the 5 months of winter. Always enjoy reading your answers on here, and thanks for the knowledge Harry!


I love where I live. I'm an hour from everything (depending on traffic).

San Francisco, Oakland less than that. AWESOME rugged beaches that are sometimes vacant except for me and my family are 40 minutes. If you want snow (and that should be a destination not a season to endure) then Tahoe is three hours east.

Today is the 23rd of December and I'm in shorts and a t shirt. It's brilliant sunshine and 70 degrees with a cool breeze. Not bad for Christmas. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need snow to be in the Holiday Spirit. I can just as easily decorate a Palm tree as I can a Douglas Fir.

Cost of living is expensive. No LIE! But I'm kind of use to that. IF you are buying real estate, THAT will be an eye opener. Sticker shock is very real.

Yes the Big cities are easy to read up on. BUT, when you get closer to mapping out your trip, drop me a line and I can give you some suggestions.

Lastly, make sure once you are here, you don't refer to California as "Cali". THAT is a tell tale sign that you're a tourist. Hahahahahhahaha.

Harry Selkow

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