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12/20/2014 1:05:31 PM - Rob Rechsteiner
Hey Mr. Rhodes,

Just want to know how your vacation is going? When you're not moving massive piles of iron, what is your primary focus? Hope you are having a hell of a time you big lug!

Vacation is fantastic, and is about to get better. Since last Friday I've watched more TV than I can remember ever doing. It hasn't gotten old, yet, so that tells me I needed the break from work.

I'll be in Arkansas from Saturday the 20th until January 3rd with a quick trip to Oklahoma City to visit my other half while she's at the volleyball National Championship game/convention.

I'll be shooting high caliber weapons and eating massive amounts of BBQ in Arkansas.

I've been sustaining myself on eggs, bacon, potatoes, hamburgers and bologna sandwiches for a week. I baked a cake, too. I've been eating 1-2 meals a day with whatever else I feel like eating. Chances are, with no lifting and no real schedule, I'll end up losing weight over the holidays. That's how I diet.

I'll be doing very little beyond shooting, potentially riding a horse and riding 4 wheelers for 2 weeks. Oh, and there will be some beer involved. Usually not with the shooting, horses or 4 wheelers as that would be dangerous.

I have a few places I can go to train if the spirit compels me, but my god was absent this past week. I had a hint of guilt at not training on Wednesday, but I quickly came back to reality. I went through 2, 2 hour practices with our women's basketball team on Saturday and Sunday. They were playing a team with some bigguns and the head coach asked if I would beat up on his post players.

A couple things. I'm in fantastic shape, despite never running. Didn't put my hands on my knees once during practice and I did every drill. Genetics. I can still dunk with a replaced hip. When I don't think, I can still run pretty well/smoothly. Can't play basketball 2 days in a row. My body was killing me! Around Wednesday I felt pretty good again, hence the waning glimmer of guilt over not working out. Quickly extinguished when a bad zombie movie came on TV.

Most likely, I'll stay out of the gym until I get back into Kentucky on the 3rd. Monday the 5th I'll get back at it. I feel like I should workout, but I don't feel the need. This will change after 3 weeks out of the weight room.

All in all, I'll be doing very little, but I'll be doing it outside on a farm. So vacation is going to be awesome.

Matt Rhodes

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