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12/22/2014 8:42:14 AM - Brian
If I am forced to train late evening, and go to bed shortly after, are there any tips you can offer regarding nutrition? Im trying to cut fat and I assume since I will be getting most my nutrition during the day, just a protein shake after my workout & before bedtime should be sufficient.

If you're training sufficiently hard, you will become quite glycogen depleted during your workout. Eating carbs followign your workout in order to replace that lost glycogen shouldn't be an issue for fat loss.

I would still recommend having some kind of carb source following your training in almost all circumstances (except for some cases at the very end of a contest prep).

Depending on whether or not you're "cycling" your carbs, I would recommend having the majority of your carbs early in the day, but still having a protein/carb meal (something like chicken and rice) following your workout...even when you train at night...and even while cutting.

As long as your total calories for the day are less than the calories you've burned that day, you'll lose weight (the tricky part is making sure that weight loss comes from fat stores and not muscle)

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Justin Harris

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