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1/8/2015 10:57:47 AM - Joe
First off, glad that you are back on elitefts. I really enjoy reading your logs. I have a question regarding training in the early morning. I usually start my workouts around 4:30-5:00am with a goal of building lean muscle mass. I have been training for quite some time and have messed around with eating before training, however that early in the morning I find it just slows me down and makes me sluggish. Currently I have been taking one scoop of whey when I get up and an intra workout mix of waxy maize and BCAAs to help get me through workouts. What do you recommend for someone in my situation as far a pre/peri workout nutrition goes? Thanks again for all your help.

I would recommend exactly what you're doing.

If I were to train first thing in the morning (4:30-5am), I would have a periworkout meal of the following set up:

200g HBCDs
30-50g Hydrolyzed protein
10-20g BCAAs and/or EAAs

I would start sipping it while I was getting ready to head to the gym (about 20-30 min pre training), and finish it on the way home from the gym (about 20min following training).

I'd start my "normal" meals for the day about 1 hour after I finished the periworkout mix.

Justin Harris

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