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12/30/2014 8:16:15 AM - Shaun
Josh, would i rotate main lift or keep the core lift? Also with the main lift am i better off to vary the rep maxes in the 1-5 rep range and after top set do backoff sets of whatever was worked up to on the day so a 5,3 or 1 rep max plus 2-3 backoffs of 5,3 or 1? Thanks for giving your time and effort mate is greatly appreciated. This was previous questions- Josh, could i use a more linear approach with a bit more volume starting with reps from 6 and going down to 2 as weeks go on? Or more of a westside template but keep the core lift as main lift? Thanks for your time and merry xmas. This was the question i asked previousy- Josh, i am training as a raw powerlifter and have been on 531 for over a year and a half but the last 4 months i seem to have stalled and keep coming back to my old maxes, is it time to change programming? I ask because you seem to be the best on this site for my field (raw pl) . Im drug free and best lifts of 180kg sq,145kg bp paused, 200kg deadlift. Thanks mate

YES, change!

Definitely you need something different not to say at some point you can come back to that and gain BUT you need something different for a while.

In normal cases I would say linear but given you have done something somewhat like that for a while, I'd say give the more westside like template a shot.

Happy new year!

Shaun--try this

Has worked well for a number of people.

Do a max effort ala Westside (so yes rotational), then follow up with 4-8 CAT sets of 2-4 reps after in the 65-80% range.......kind give you the best of both worlds AND a huge variance from what you were doing.

You are welcome sir! Happy new year!!!

Josh Bryant

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