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12/27/2014 4:28:06 PM - Kevin Sorbo
Hey Harry,

How do you "man up" to your wife when you have an argument and you know you are "right"? Totally unrelated to training question, I know, but I appreciate your knowledge. Thanks.


The ONLY reason a man should argue with a women is the potential swap of DNA.

Knowing that this is going to happen with your wife at some point, you must realize the difference between winning a battle or winning the war.

If you have NO chance for the exchange of body fluids, there is NO reason to argue with a women. You can just "leave her alone".

Your case is quite simple. Don't DISAGREE with her. She says for you to "Zig" then say "yes, let me get to that zig". Then go ZAG any ole' which a way and do what you want.

The moment in any argument, a person hears "no" or anything negative, they know that's a defensive move and it's game ON.

You totally disarm the other side when you agree with them.

Once defenseless, go about your business.

Word of caution! YOU BETTER BE CORRECT. If you aren't you mess it up for EVERY man out here.

By the way, it's TOTALLY related to training because training is microcosm of life.

Harry Selkow

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