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1/11/2015 6:11:56 PM - Mike Hill
Mr. Dizenzo. I was wondering if you could pick apart my bench press a little bit. I'm also wondering if you think the bar is traveling back over my face too much. It feels like once my elbows start to flare, my natural groove is comming back towards my face a little.
-Here are two videos for referance:

A PR at 300:

275 and 285 1RM floor press:

I've only been training in a powerlifting fashion for about 8 months now, And most of my training has been self taught through reading, so any and all of your advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hey Mike, I really spent a good 5 minutes plus watching your videos and I can't really find anything to pick apart. On the bench you met the bar, drove your hips hard, and pressed the bar well. Here's the best tip I can give you, don't worry to much about form right now, worry about getting stronger. You can always learn better form if you need to, but you can't learn strength.

If there's every a meet or a seminar close by, go. Find a strong lifter who you respect and have them check it out in person. Usually I can find something egregious in a video, but I could not in yours.

Keep up the awesome work and congrats on the pr!

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More strength is more gooder,
Vincent Dizenzo

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