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1/2/2015 8:20:23 AM - Paul
Almost every time I go above 95% on the bench I seem to cramp/tweak my right pec to the point I have to end my workout. I have a meet in 8 weeks so my lifts are getting heavier. Do you think it could be a weak pec or tendon? Also I bench pink an inch in from the ring to get around this for 2 months still tweak it every time. Any ideas direct pec work dbs? Im about 6'3 300lbs long arms so the grip seems close enough if that helps thanks merry Christmas
Hope you had a good Christmas.
Let me ask you this, what variations of thebench press do you do okay with?
Decline? Dumbbells? Floor Press? reverse Grip? Whatever, let me know and repost this and I am happy to help.
I'm fine with incline barbell and dumbells flat and incline. It seems to happen when I try to pause anything on my chest or during floor press. The pain is sharp and immediate. The next couple days its real sore and then 5-7 days later its gone. Thanks for the help happy holidays!


Okay keep the bench work lighter and I would push the dumbbell benches so maybe a single at 85-90%, should be easy and sounds like you are okay in that range

Push the dumbbell variations, sets of 5-8.......this is the short term and after the meet you can dig more to the root.

Josh Bryant

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