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12/31/2014 8:12:25 PM - Russ
Looking to get started single ply from raw.A few questions please.

1. Should I do all three lifts or pick one? Buyhing abunch of gear is possibler but my wife may shoot me.

2. Any good programs? I am familiar with basic WSBB but have mostly done 5,3,1 for about 3 years. Any suggestions be great.

Thank you and happy New Year.


1. Donít get shot by your wife, or anyone else for that matter! Not upsetting your wife and keeping your home life as stress free as possible will improve your training a great deal. So donít upset your wife. I am telling you this will complete sincerity.

I would suggest starting with a bench shirt. BUT only if you have training partners that can spot and hand off for you. If you have partners then I recommend the bench shirt because you can compete at in a bench only competition and will have something specific to train for. After funds allow I would add the deadlift suit (so you can do a push pull geared) and lastly the squat suit for a full geared meet. If you donít have training partners at the moment I would suggest starting with a deadlift suit because, to state the obvious, you donít need spotters to deadlift. Without reliable training partners getting into gear will be challenging as its much more important to have help and spotters for geared lifting.

2. As for programing there are so many ways to go about it. The conjugate is good and I like block prioritization as well. There is also a 5/3/1 for powerlifting where Wendler explains gear. Also look at some training logs and some of the Make a Wish e-books offer some great programs. Donít hesitate to ask question on the site.

Here is the link for 531 for Powerlifting: Simple and Effective Training for Maximal Strength if you are interested.

Here is the link to the e-books Programs That Work 2 - The 2012 MAW eBook , How I Trained For - The 2014 MAW eBook if you are interested in those.

Hope this helps and thank you for being part of the Elitefts community.


Ted Toalston

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