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1/6/2015 9:00:22 AM - Richie
Hi Joey,

Congrats on your recent 800 squat. You've come a long way. I hope you're proud of yourself; you've got a lot of heart.

Out of curiosity, I was wondering how your knee actually feels in day to day activities -- just how it feels in comparison to your other knee.

Like you, I also blew out my knee, my ACL, 4 & a half years ago. I didn't have it reconstructed. But I've always wondered what it would be like if I did.

It's really not been a hindrance to me or my squatting: but, like me, you probably always wonder what things would be like if you'd taken the different route. Our brains get up to mischief that way.

You're going to be stronger in 2015 than ever,

Thank you Richie! I'm still rehabbing and battling my friend. Pushing 41 now and things don't heal as fast as they once did lol....

My knee feels good some days and sore and pathetic on others. I have pushed this knee and maybe at times too hard. Its still too early to say. Old knees like mine are meant to take this type of punishment now tack on surgery of this magnitude and its even harder.

To me if its not hindered you then rock on. This was and still is a hard recovery for me. My surgery was 5.5 hours long and hospitalized for three days after. There was a lot wrong with my knee. This recovery has been harder than I thought and longer.

If you feel fine with where your at stay there. This is a rode that if you don't have to take, don't. Best of luck my friend. I wish you a wonderful 2015!

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