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1/13/2015 8:47:34 AM - John
Hey Chase! Man I was missing your log for a couple weeks. Hope you enjoyed Christmas with your family.

I know you touched on it in your article and comments but wanted to know if you can go a little more in detail about logging your calories, both dieting, and "off season".
Dieting strictly for example, do you track every single thing? Do you ever just guess-timate, or only do that in the offseason? Is there ever a time period you don't log your cals at all? I experimented with "fitting my macros" this summer, and the science is solid, as I was successful but man did I feel neurotic logging everything. My girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy as I made breakfast for us and weighed out my portions separately! Every meal feels like a science project. I know some guys still feel comfortable eating out and taking guesses at the macros in their meals, and still seem successful.
Also, do you use myfitnesspal? Would love to know your user name so I could follow you if you do.

Thanks brother!

Hey John -

Thank you! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years as well.

When I'm dieting strictly, especially for fat loss, I track every little thing and hit my macros almost exactly each day.

I also guesstimate at other times of the year, but typically this is when I'm in a maintenance phase.

If I'm serious about gaining or losing weight I track things consistently.

I don't log my calories if I'm happy with my current bodyweight and composition and I'll go into more of a coasting mode. This is also nice to have a break from tracking things a few months out of the year. I may occasionally track a day during these times to see where my calories and macros are falling eating by feel.

The thing I've found to work best for me is having a system. My low carb days all look the same except for dinner. My high carb days all look the same except for dinner. So tracking those meals are easy as they are almost always the same. It takes very little time to plug those in. Then for dinner I'll eat what I'd like while shooting for certain macros. Then I'll eat something after dinner to fill in the gaps of any macros or calories I'm lacking for the day.

While it can be a pain, I eat a lot of the same foods each day. So when I got to track them in my phone my recent food list is what I almost always eat.

If I eat out I just look up the info on the restaurant's website and plug it in my app. If the restaurant doesn't list nutrition facts I just find a similar meal at a similar restaurant. I don't get too bent out of shape over this.

At the end of the day counting macros and calories isn't necessary. But just like tracking your exercise, sets, reps, etc. it gives you more control over more variables.

And no, I don't use myfitnesspal.

Hope that helps!

Chase Karnes

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